The Illicit Economy Platform is a digital repository of data and information on the presence and functioning of illicit markets in Brazil and on models for controlling this complex phenomenon around the world. It is part of the project “Census of Illicit Markets – Spatial data platform on illicit trade, related crimes and socioeconomic data for the formulation and evaluation of public policies on the triple Brazil-Paraguay-Argentina border”, funded by Philip Morris International IMPACT, an initiative to support projects dedicated to combating illegal trade and related crimes.

Illicit economy and victimization are connected phenomena.

The profit generated by the illicit markets produces income and wealth for criminals, at the same time that it produces suffering and prejudice for people, companies and the environment, victims of violent crimes, which are crimes that threaten life and cause loss of assets earned through honest work.

The illicit economy also generates a kind of “faceless” victimization, through social and economic consequences, such as encouraging corruption, contamination of the environment and the loss of competitiveness in countries, due to high losses and risk, which contributes to rising prices and unemployment.

The low cost of crime, embodied in impunity, combined with the possibility of high profit margins, form a powerful incentive structure that attracts criminals of all levels, who join the criminal networks that operate the illicit markets and make the illicit economy in the country increasingly stronger and more complex.

Our goal is to build a national agenda to contain and control the illicit economy in Brazil and the consequent victimization.

Through the diffusion of technical and scientific knowledge to directly inform society and guide public policies and private strategies in this complex task.